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  Wed Nov 25, 2020

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Songs & Artists

We have several artists willing to share their music with you. Please feel free to download their songs and visit their websites. If you like their music we encourage you to purchase their CD(s) if available.

Thank You


Rayme is a Central Valley Based singer, who with the help of his long time friend Rod Rose, has made his step into his first effort as a solo artist.
These songs are excellent! Thanks to Rayme for letting us share his music with you.

  • 2night's the night mp3

  • Dancin in the Sky mp3

  • Pick up Your Cross mp3

  • Father's Love mp3

  • One More Angel mp3

Rayme just added this new song for you to have.

Once Blind

Article Image Once Blind, from Minneapolis would like you to have these two songs.

  • Yesterday mp3
  • Breathe In Breathe Out mp3


Article Image JetSpeed Records presents 'Sealed'. Here is the title song for their debut album Sealed By The Promise.
  • By The Promise Mp3

songs from a broken heart

Songs from a broken heart are songs that I've written and I want to share with you. They are contemporary Christian songs that seek to communicate the heart of being a Christian - sorrow for sin, repentance, a love for the Lord Jesus and a deep desire to live for Him in every area of life.


Triplestrand, a great Christian Country band with an incredible voice, has graciously let us offer a few of their songs, from one of their CDs. Visit their website for more music.
  • Fools Gold mp3
  • Searcher of Hearts mp3
  • You Took Me by Surprise mp3

Lilly Band

Lilly Band would love to share their "Live Prophetic Music" music with you. Lilly Band just released a new album (4-22-07) that is available on their website. Be sure to visit and listen.

Reed Nelson

Reed Archer Nelson has graciously let us offer a few of his songs, from his 'Simple Prayers and the Sacred' CD, for free download.
  • Take Me mp3
  • Say the Word mp3
  • Touch of Faith mp3

Jerry Schroeder

Jerry Schroeder is offering a few great songs. Preview his next CD.

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